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The patient presented to our office with a chief complaint that her lower denture was like a "teeter - totter". She reported that her lower denture would tip up and down while eating.


The patient is a healthy 67 y.o. white female. Medical history revealed that the patient was allergic to Actifed. Medications included Premarin and ASA. Previous operations included a total abdominal hysterectomy and a full mouth extraction in 1959. The patient had had two sets of complete dentures with the last fabricated in 1985. Family History, Social History, and Review of Systems were unremarkable.

Oral examination revealed an edentulous maxilla and mandible with severe mandibular alveolar ridge atrophy, vestibular insufficiency and inadequate attached gingiva.
Radiographic examination confirmed the atrophic mandible. The mental foramina were noted on the crest of the residual ridge, however the patient reported no paresthesia. No other osseous pathology was noted.


  1. Mandibular Alveolar Ridge Atrophy
  2. Mandibular Vestibular Insufficiency
  3. Inadequate Attached Gingiva


  1. Impalnt Work-up
  2. Mandibular IMZ Osteointegrated Endosseous Implants
  3. Free Gingival Graft
  4. Prosthetic Reconstruction with O-Ring retained Overdenture



Patient treated by:
  • Dr. Steven R. Tucker Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dr. Barry Curry Family Practice

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