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August, 1998


The patient was referred to our office from the hospital emergency room following the beating of the patient by his father. The patient complained that his jaw hurt and that his lower lip on the left was numb.


Medical history revealed a 16 y.o. white male with no known drug allergies, no history of operations, or serious illnesses. Family history revealed that the patient's mother died of AIDS in March of 1998. Social history was postive for smoking one pack per day, occasion use of ethanol, and marijuana smoking. There was no loss of consciousness. C-spine x-rays were normal. Oral examination revealed hemorrhage in the right mandibular gingival sulcus of tooth numbers 28 and 29. Ecchymosis was noted in the left mandibular retromolar area. A traumatic and pre-existing malocclusion was noted. Radiographs revealed teeth numbers 1, 16, and 32 to be missing and a fracture of the left mandibular angle and right body.

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  1. Admission to Hospital
  2. IV Antibiotics
  3. Social Service Consult to Report Child Abuse
  4. General Anesthesia
  5. Application of Maxillary and Mandibular Erich Arch Bars
  6. Surgical Extraction of Tooth # 17
  7. Application of Intermaxillary Fixation
  8. Intraoral Open Reduction Internal Fixation Left Mandibular Angle Fracture
  9. Closed Reduction Right Mandibular Body Fracture


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Patient treated by:
  • Dr. Steven R. Tucker Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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