Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Case of the Month

September, 1998


The patient was referred to our office for surgical reconstruction of a left maxillary alveolar cleft and closure of oral - nasal fistula secondary to cleft lip / cleft palate deformity.


Medical history revealed a 13 y.o. white male with no known drug allergies or serious illnesses.



  1. Closure of Oral - Nasal Fistula
  2. Cancellous Marrow Iliac Bone Graft to Left Maxillary Alveolar Cleft


Nasal mucosa in fistula

Exposed osseous defect (cleft)

Left iliac crest

Cancellous marrow

Grafted defect (cleft)

Click on image to enlarge.
Note eruption of left maxillary canine,
six weeks post op.

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