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Radiographic Examination

Discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen November 8, 1895 in Wurzburg, radiographic examinations are traditionally used to appraise the underlying skeletal and dental structures of the body. Initially the images were developed on to glass plates. Today's high resolution films are beginning to be replaced by CCD (digital) images. Charge Coupled Devices are detectors originally developed for Hubble's Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph. The following diagnostic radiographics are commonly obtained for patients in the practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery:

	Single tooth periapical
	Maxillary occlusal view
	Mandibular occlusal view
	TMJ transcranial
	Waters view
	R and L lateral oblique of mandible
	Caldwell view
	Posterior-anterior (PA) of mandible
	Submental vertex (SMV)
	TMJ tomograms  (linear, eliptical, hypocycloidial)
	TMJ Arthrogram (video) and Arthrotomography
	Sialogram (video)
	Fluroscopy (video)

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