Frequently Asked Questions:


What is an impacted tooth?

An impacted tooth is one that is bio-mechanically or physiologically prevented from erupting into a functional position in the dental arch. Classification of an impacted tooth may be based on the anatomical relationship of the tooth to the bony structure of the jaw, or the surgical procedure required to remove the tooth.

What is orthognathic surgery?

Correction of craniofacial disharmonies by the surgical repositioning of segments of the mandible (lower jaw bone) or maxilla (upper jaw bone) containing one to several teeth, or the bodily repositioning of entire jaws to establish normal functional relationship among osseous, muscular, and contiguous structures. (osteotomy or osteoplasty)

What is a cyst?

A cyst is an abnormal epithelial-lined sac or growth in soft tissue or bone, enclosing a cavity that may or may not be filled with a semi-solid material or fluid.

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